Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club Title
Rescue Unit and red Subaru rally car


Race Marshalling

The Scottish Motor Racing Club (SMRC) runs most race meetings in Scotland. In addition, both the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) and the British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC) run high profile meetings at Knockhill. The SMRC is responsible for co-ordinating the marshalling for all these.

A large number of SMMC members marshal at race meetings in Scotland - most of these meetings count for SMMC attendance purposes. Increasingly SMMC members are travelling further afield to race meetings in "the South" - Croft is becoming a popular destination and there are always SMMC members at Silverstone for the Grand Prix.

Speed Marshalling

"Speed" events are hillclimbs and sprints. For many years the SMMC has been the main source of marshals for the Lothian Car Club's hillclimbs at Doune with the two National championship meetings being the highlight of the season for many. SMMC normally provides marshals for every round of the Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb championships. We will be mailing our members with information about each round of these championships and also publicising the dates of rounds where our members are required on the Club Calendar.

Rally Marshalling

In the past Club members frequently ran stages on rallies throughout Scotland (and occasionally across the Border). These days the club concentrates more on providing safety radio network and rescue services on rallies, but marshalling is still important. The "premier" rallies on which the Club has run stages recently include the Intercontinental Rally Challenge Rally of Scotland and the Tunnocks Mull Rally.

Micra hits fence, marshals run, marshals push, Micra carries on.