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Rescue Unit and red Subaru rally car

SMMC Motorsport Rescue Team

SMMC Rescue Unit and Subaru at stage start on Jim Clark Memorial Rally.

Welcome to the SMMC Motorsport Rescue Team web page. The following will give you an overview of:

  • Who we are and what do we do
  • If you want to get involved how to contact us
  • A brief history of SMMC Rescue

Who we are and what do we do

The SMMC operate 3 Motorsport Rescue Units (call signs Saltire Rescue 1, 2 & 3) which are based in Edinburgh. These provide emergency medical and extrication cover at Motorsport Association (MSA) permitted motorsport events.

Until recently all of the SMMC motorsport rescue units were Renault Master vans but we have, this year, replaced the oldest with a Volkswagen Crafter. All of our vans have been converted internally to safely carry both the medical and extrication equipment, as defined in the Blue Book (the MSA Competitors and Officials Yearbook) and any potential casualties and crew. Motorsport Rescue Units are licensed by the MSA who are the controlling body for UK for motorsport. The rescue units, being registered with the DVLA as ambulances, are permitted to be fitted with blue lights and sirens which can be used when appropriate.

SMMC rescue units attend many forms of four-wheeled motorsport events throughout Scotland and North England; occasionally we travel further afield for example Jersey, Guernsey and Ireland. We attend licensed MSA permit events including sprints, hill climbs, rallies, both tarmac and off road, and race meetings. We also assist at track events at our home circuit Knockhill near Dunfermline, Fife. In a typical year we cover between 80 to 100 events

Crew of the SMMC rescue units are unpaid volunteers all of whom have an interest in motorsport. All crew members are holders of an MSA rescue licence. This means crew will have undertaken training in both medical and extrication disciplines before passing an assessment by an MSA instructor / assessor. Fully licensed rescue crew members must attend and pass 3 yearly re-licensing assessments in order to continue to hold a rescue licence. Our club places great importance on training; at the beginning of each season training sessions in medical, equipment and extrication are provided.

How to get involved

We are always seeking new volunteers to crew our rescue units. Generally our volunteers are already involved in motorsport marshalling and are looking for a different challenge. We will be pleased to chat should you wish to learn more about what we do

Please contact us using the Contact Us  page.

A Brief History of SMMC Motorsport Rescue

The SMMC was founded in 1973 but it was not until 1975 that the Club started to assist event organisers by the provision of rescue units. In the early days of motorsport rescue the vehicles carried little more than large first aid kits and basic tool kits. Those days are long gone and the vehicles we currently run carry modern equipment similar to ambulances and fire tenders. Over the years the SMMC fleet has grown from a single second hand van to 3 long wheelbase vans with arrangements for a new vehicle being progressed when our oldest is about 10 years old.


Rare picture of the rescue crew out of the vehicle, wondering why has it stopped raining, and what is that bright light in the sky.